5 amazing ways to boost your immunity

The immunity system is always an important and powerful factor in our body. Maintaining good immunity power can help you to fight disease and viruses, provides energy, nutrients, better sleep, helps you to recover fast, and enhanced your all-over health. But nowadays, people are giving priority to only immunity than stronger immunity. They eat junk food, preserve food, packed food, and freeze food. Resulting in weak immunity and a body full of diseases. Also, it is hard for them to cure any disease because of low immunity. That’s why maintaining good immunity is important. Here I am going to provide you 5 amazing ways to boost your immunity power and helps you to protect yourself from silly infection to serious disease. Let’s see then,

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As I always talked about this in almost every article. An attractive body peaceful mind and happiness, all need a good and healthy diet. Well, I should tell you that even a good diet should be in moderation. Follow a proper routine of diet and never skip a single day. Your diet should be fulfilled with vitamin A, B, C, E, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. To fulfill this diet, you can eat a carrot, cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, almonds, walnut, brown rice, lentils, and drink lots of water. There are more like green leafy vegetables, season-wise fruits, nuts, and some healthy juices. I will recommend you plan your diet, include everything which is nutritious. Make sure you do not overeat everything and are not allergic to any food. So go healthy.

It’s a good saying which states “Food is not the nutrients which fulfilled your soul but it is a satisfaction which fulfilled your soul”. But nowadays we are having our food while watching phone or TV or doing some other stuff. That’s only fulfilled your stomach, not your soul. Ayurveda suggests, focus on your meal while eating. It helps your body to absorb nutrients and vitamins more which makes immune system strong. Plus it satisfied you and makes you feel fulfilled. Also, try to chew 25 times each bite so it provides better digestion. So do this trick and increase your immunity power.

Our body is 70% water and hydration is what our body needs. No doubt water is the strongest source in the world and makes our immune system better. But let enhanced the quality and benefits of water by adding nutritional value to it. There are plenty of healthy drinks if you search on the internet, but I will recommend you to go for smoothies and detoxification drinks. Smoothies is a good content of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Also, it helps you with weight loss. Plus smoothies produce extra energy in our bodies. But do not forget to consume the proper amount of meals as smoothies do not fulfill your hunger. Another I would suggest you replace tea or coffee or other ‘ not so good’ beverages with a healthy drink or detox drink in case you want to lose weight faster. A golden tip I will give you is to drink enough water and add at least one healthy drink into your diet.

I know that happiness does not have any physical connection to the immunity system but it has a mental connection. Like satisfaction is connected to immunity power, just like that happiness is. Both are almost the same state. We feel fulfilled in both states. My point is whatever you are doing, try to be happy especially when you are eating. Because with whatever emotion you are consuming a meal, your brain produces thought and energy related to that emotion. For example, if you are sad while eating, that means you are not focused on your meal. Your body won’t be able to absorb nutrients and you are not going to feel satisfied. You got stressed and finally, you become more sad, weak, and unfulfilled. In case, you are happy and focused on your meal. Then your body absorbs nutrients and you will feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happier. That’s why stay happy.

For better immunity, the food needs to be digested properly. Sleep is the time when your body is at the rest. By digesting food, your body recovers all the energy in the sleep. All organs of your body got energy and nutrients in sleep that’s why you feel energetic after a complete sleep cycle. Here I am trying to say that do not disturb or delay your sleep cycle. Take proper 8 hours of sleep without any disturbance. Scientific studies also state that a complete sleep cycle leaves you more refresh and energetic than a disturbed sleep cycle. Plus, if you feel energetic that’s mean your digestion is complete. Your body has all nutrients, energy, and a stronger immunity system. So have a good amount of sleep and have good immunity power.

So I hope you like this article. Thanks for reading.

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