5 habits that you should stick to for a healthy life

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Hygiene -

Not only because pandemic has arrived, but hygiene is in all-time demand. Self-hygiene and social hygiene must be our priority no matter which era you are living in. Well, hygiene is not a habit, it is a routine that you should follow on regular basis. This routine includes -

Healthy diet -

A healthy diet is a trend. Due to the pandemic, health has become an important issue. I know many of you have already included a healthy diet into your routine but not everyone has. So that’s because I am including this habit in this article. So let’s see what a healthy diet includes….

Learning -

As the pandemic is still here and lockdown is still imposed. We have a good opportunity to learn new skills and a chance to upgrade ourselves. Learning has so many advantages which are listed below…

Selfcare -

Now the world is running with time and we have to run with it. But sometimes taking a break and pampering yourself is necessary. You have to understand the fact that everyone is busy in their own way and nobody cares about each other. So you have to take care of yourself. There is no selfish thing if you put yourself first and that’s necessary too. Let me tell you some merits of self-care….

Self-motivation -

Motivation is the feeling that you have to create within yourself. Only you can motivate yourself throughout your life and this is a fact. Let me make this easy for you to understand. We often listen to others’ inspiring stories or watch something motivational and gain motivation. But we lose that motivation after some time. That’s called temporary motivation. But the motivation creates within us is permanent. It can be anything. It can be goal, specific reason, pain, or stubbornness. This kind of motivation always stays within us cause we are the ones who produce it. It makes us focus on our goals. That’s why we need it to always stay focused. So how to let your permanent motivation stay? Let’s check it out,



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Ishika shah

Ishika shah

A student with lot of hair experience and would like to share with you a lot of hair care , skin care and body care tips and tricks . So stay tuned.