5 powerful do’s for strong hair growth

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Genuine Product -

We tend to do a lot more for our hair but using quality products made up of good ingredients is important. Personally, I think not using good products is the root cause of hair problems. We use the product on our scalp assuming it will make our hair glorious but ended up with hair fall. So the solution is to use hair products with no harsh preservatives, chemicals, no sulfates, and paraben. The products should have good hair care ingredients. Always buy a product based on its ingredients list. Do not buy a product if the ingredients list is not clearly mentioned.

Hair mask -

Today, a global warning is at its peak and pollution is damaging our hair day by day. Only shampooing and conditioning are not enough. We have to take extra care of our hair. A hair mask can provide us that extra care. The hair mask is the most important step in the whole hair care process because it treats the actual damage. A hair mask of good ingredients will almost solve your every hair problem. It will nourish your scalp and strengthens your hair. Also, it will help in fewer hair breakages. This will do more good than you think. Do give it a shot. You can choose any hair mask according to your choice or you can try oiling also.

Supplements -

Now, this is a harsh truth that the food we are consuming is a little bit made up of chemical preservatives. This food will not provide us enough nutrients for the proper growth of our bodies. Another point is it can lead to many diseases in our body. This is the too root cause of hair loss. For fulfilling nutritional deficiency, add supplements to your diet. Supplements can provide you enough protein and nutrition and will help in the growth of the body.

Exercise -

I know you heard this so many times but exercising is so effective that it has won so many hearts. Even 15 min of stretch daily is enough. But I will recommend you to work out at least 30 mins a day. Include good posture and exercises into your workout session for fast hair growth. Not only hair growth but exercising have great benefits for our whole body like boosting mood, promotes good sleep, make your body flexible, upgrade your confidence ……In short it can modify your all-over personality. So start exercising now…

Stress -

The word seems very common but it has a big meaning. Your all time, money and energy will no matter if you cannot handle your stress factor. It will not only affect your hair growth but can also affect your life. It will give you a headache, disturbance in the sleep cycle, high blood pressure, chest problems and will destroy your feelings and possibly your social life. So here is the thing, no matter whatever you are facing today, everything will be fade with time. Whatever you have done, no one cares so there is no point in getting worried. Live your life with all of your heart. So the bottom line is do not stress whatever the situation is.



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Ishika shah

Ishika shah

A student with lot of hair experience and would like to share with you a lot of hair care , skin care and body care tips and tricks . So stay tuned.